Alien vision…

Alien 2

We live in interesting times, change and history at its most raw state.   People are unsettled and craving stability.  Everyday the media present us with a story of someone resigning and the potential of disaster, yet as I write this blog post #LondonTown is still standing.  There are no aliens roaming the streets honest, it still looks the same. Maybe the June sky’s were not so blue this year, here’s the proof captured for you all.


What can we do when the world seems to tilt on it axis?  Is there learning for us in the moment?  I believe so.  We need to appreciate kindness and recognise that the world is still a place of hope and opportunity.

Everyday someone’s world is disrupted.  The tectonic plates shift and you can find yourself in difficult circumstances.  You want the world to care and for there to still be hope.  Perspectives change with circumstances.

People are shocked that whilst polls tell us one thing, the opposite happens.  They fail to recognise the subtle signals, that people don’t always tell the truth to pollsters and Facebook and Twitter give you content based on algorithms that don’t necessarily show diversity.   Seth Godin highlights how organised bureaucracies expect compliance when actually we need to be looking for contribution.

I want to finish this blog by capturing that everyday people contribute to the NHS – healthcare staff from all over the world, patients and volunteers – #HappyBirthdayNHS. For all the current difficulties the NHS strives to be that port in the storm for individuals whose world has been disrupted.


Whilst walking through the beautiful grounds of Mottisfont yesterday I came across the alien at the top of the blog. A strange creature that challenges you to think differently.  To consider the following:-


The artist David Breuer – Weil,  made me think about the essence of being human and compassionate.  How we need to all co-create together to make the world a better place?



Mottisfont walled garden


Mottisfont House