#Working out loud week

Here’s the thing.  Sharing your work is scary and full of decisions.  What to share? Will people be interested?  How can you do this generously?

I have been sharing my work via twitter on health, innovation and social age leadership for the last three years. Connecting with people all over the world that give generously of their time and experience.   Blogging is fairly new to me although I have been an avid reader of many blogs which help me to develop my work in so many ways.

Seth Godin suggests that we read more blogs and filter the internet in our own unique way.  I subscribe to that plan. There is a lot of distracting noise from the internet and it is for us to curate and find the important stuff that matters.  The challenge is to ensure that you give credit to the authors and image makers at all times.  I will always try to do this and if I fail, will admit honestly and credit when the source is made known to me.   The featured image on this blog is from Boni Stachowiach Ed. D.  and the image below combines several individual’s work.  Curation brings challenges, but also a great opportunity to share tacit knowledge.


A great example above of combining knowledge from the internet – Helen Bevan, Harold Jache and Mitchell Kapour.

#Workingoutloud week is a great opportunity to encourage others to share their work online with Jane Bozarth generously offering her book in a competition that runs for this week.  Reflecting on my purpose for working out loud it is to learn from others and going forward develop a habit of writing a blog weekly to share my learning with others.  I guess that at the moment my blogging is a big experiment to find my voice and understand what works. Simon Terry covers the benefits of experimenting and that makes sense at this stage.

Does blogging fill me with fear?  Yes!  Do I want to curate the good stuff on the internet and make sense of it through my blog? Yes!  So I am starting a new habit this week, taking fear in hand and experimenting with freedom as outlined by John Stepper and the late, great Janis Joplin.  Would be great if you could join me.


own adventure



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